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Are You in Need of Specialized Transportation Services?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

As a broker, how do you know what to look for in a transportation company’s services? Specialized transportation services are often necessary when moving heavy and wide loads, especially if your client requires expert services to safely navigate a transport across the border. Whether you need to move large items like boats, farm equipment, or industrial machinery, transportation services provided by niche businesses like Rocha Trucking and Parking can help you make sure you get the services you need to ensure your cargo arrives safely at its destination on-time and without issue.

What are Specialized Transport Services?

Transportation services are companies that provide transport for wide or heavy loads. These services are often used by construction companies, manufacturers, and other businesses that need to move large items. We understand that there are many transportation companies with competitive prices, but the difference between our business and the competitors is the personalized attention in the transportation of goods. It's important to choose a reputable and experienced company Rocha Trucking and Parking specializes in solutions that fit their client's unique needs with over 30 plus years of experience and over 1000 clients of all kinds of industries have considered our services unbeatable.

Who Needs These Services?

If you need to move a wide load or heavy load from California to Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, or Mexico, you may need to hire a specialized company like Rocha Trucking and Parking.

What is the Most Suitable For Me?

When you need to move a wide load or heavy load, you need special transportation services. But how do you pick the right one? Here are a few things to keep in mind when picking one.

  • Does it have an insurance certificate and liability release form? is it licensed and insured?

  • What are the company's safety record and reputation like?

  • Does it offer any kind of guarantee on its services?

  • Are there any hidden fees, such as mileage charges or fuel surcharges?

  • Does it have experienced personnel who can get the job done safely and quickly without damaging your property or leaving anything behind at your old home or new home site?

Handling Regulations on Both Sides of the Border

If you're transporting heavy or wide loads across the US-Mexico border, you need to be aware of the regulations on both sides of the border. In the US, the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates commercial vehicles. In Mexico, it's the Secretaria of Communications and Transportation (SCT). Make sure that your vehicle is registered with both agencies before crossing either border. As a cross-border company in this industry, Rocha Trucking and Parking understand all the requirements for each side of the border.

Types of Freight that can be Carried By Road by RTPI

There are many types of freight that can be carried by road, including:

  • Heavy loads: Wide loads and heavy loads can be transported by road using transportation services. These services typically have trucks with wide trailers and/or extra axles to support the weight of the load.

  • Wide loads: Loads that are too wide to fit on a standard trailer can be transported using transportation services special. These services typically have trucks with wider trailers to accommodate the load.

  • Pilot Cars: We provide cars and signage needed to transport our loads safely according to CA highway laws. Safety comes first.

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